Paying off debt isn’t very fun. Debt-Burnout

Oftentimes, it can feel like you are putting your dreams on hold, throwing all your money at interest, and can feel like you have less control of your choices because of it.

For some people, a relationship with debt might be longer than any of the romantic relationships they’ve had. This has been the case for me! I have been paying off debt for seven years (I accrued a lot more by going to graduate school), and I’m starting to get the seven-year itch.

I want out. I want a break, a breath of fresh air.

But I’m in this for the long haul, and now that I’ve made a commitment to ridding myself of student loans, I need to stay focused, even in moments of frustration.



Melanie is a freelance writer currently living in Portland, Oregon. She is passionate about education, financial literacy, and empowering people to take control of their finances. She writes about breaking up with debt, freelancing, and side hustle adventures at

Currently she puts more than 50% of her income towards debt, while living a frugal, fun life. In addition to her love of personal finance, art and music, she is also a karaoke master. Follow the adventure @DearDebtBlog.

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15 responses to “5 Things That Will Help You Recover From Debt Burnout”

  1. I’m feeling like this and I’ve only been doing this since October. 7years is amazing you are a true trooper and people like you give me the motivation to continue.

  2. You’ve done so well, especially approaching 7 years. It’ll all be worth it in the end – just think how far you’ve come and how much you’ve managed to pay off already.

  3. Wow 7 years is a long time! Good job at keeping with it 🙂 I haven’t been with it long at all, only really since January, but I’m still feeling a big deprived and fatigued lately.

  4. 7 years is a long time, but I think at the end it will be worth it all. If it helps your journey and blog is an inspiration and you are helping people like me on the way. Thanks.

  5. Paying off debt is never easy, but it’s important to keep the eye on the prize (and to have an end date so you can start a countdown to be debt-free).

  6. I’ve just recently gotten serious about paying off my student loans. Some days it seems impossible or like there’s no way I can stay on the path of paying extra without taking a break until all 78,000 is gone. Yay to you for your 7 years!! Hope this road gets a bit easier for us both.

  7. Your commitment to becoming debt free is very inspiring! I definitely understand wanting a break from the intense debt pay-off routine. After 2 1/2 years, I often feel like “throwing in the towel.” Not accruing more debt, but taking all the extra money we are throwing at debt and going on a fabulous vacation. But then I snap out of it, and keep my nose to the grindstone because after a few more years we can claim FREEDOM! Can’t wait!

  8. John Carter says:

    I am tired with my debt and now I consider people who are debt free to be very lucky. I am continuously working hard to pay my student loan but still not much progress.

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