As some of you know, my main side hustle is being a brand ambassador. It’s flexible, easy and pays fairly well. I had no work scheduled this past weekend, but I told myself I was going to make it happen somehow.  As soon as Friday night hit, I got two gigs confirmed for Saturday!  One I found on Craigslist and the other on Taskrabbit. Both were not Brand Ambassador gigs, but just as fun and easy!

The Craigslist gig was so easy and awesome! I worked an event called Urban Dare (have you heard of it?) that is sort of like a one-day Amazing Race. My only job was to sign people in and time-stamp their cards when they got back. It was stupidly easy and the guy paid for our lunches! I got to see people in crazy costumes, look at their clues for the scavenger hunt and generally just see some interesting things.

The second gig I got was from Taskrabbit and it was a Star Trek themed surprise birthday party for this woman’s husband. Essentially, I just made sure the food was out, things were clean and helped put everything away. Taking out garbage, cleaning, etc wasn’t so fun, but most of the gig was really easy—and I got free dinner and wine! Overall, I made an additional $180 in one day of work and got two free meals. The benefits are obvious, but I’d like to share why I love side-hustling!

It gets you out of your comfort zone

Meeting strangers from the Internet is still weird, but oddly thrilling, especially when things work out well.  Working a job that isn’t your “job” is like stepping into a different life, even just for a day or a few hours.

Meeting other people you wouldn’t normally meet

As we grow older, we usually hang out in circles that affirm our own interests, which can make it hard to meet new people who you can learn and grow from. I always make it a point to network and have fun when I am doing these gigs. I’ve met some great friends through gigs I’ve gotten off Craigslist. More over, I’ve gotten recurring gigs and referrals for more work.

Be a Fly on the Wall

Before this weekend, I had never heard of Urban Dare in my life. I don’t own a TV, so am only vaguely familiar with Amazing Race and Star Trek (sci-fi really isn’t my thing.) It was really fascinating to be in a new environment around people with different interests. I overheard different conversations, had a great time people watching (favorite hobby ever), and observed two activities I never get to take part in. Working in environments that get you out of your comfort zone, that allow you to quietly observe a situation is a great way to expand your knowledge and make yourself aware of other things going on in the world.

Pay off Debt

My #1 reason I love side-hustling? Paying off debt! (You didn’t see that coming, did you?) This month I’ve put 86% of my day job income towards my debt (or $1600). If I didn’t side-hustle there is no way I’d be able to do that. I only have a little money left over after paying that much, but side-hustle income helps me cover all my bills and still have a good time!  For the rest of the year and into 2014, my goal is to ramp up my side-hustle income while still having fun, hanging out with friends and being sane 🙂

What’s your favorite thing about side-hustling? What would you add the to the list?

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Have you ever wanted to get paid to work concerts or your favorite sports games? How about represent your favorite company and get free swag? Have you ever wanted to ditch the low paying side hustles in favor of something more profitable — and dare I say, fun?

Look no further, my friends. Being a brand ambassador is a killer side hustle that allows you flexibility, good pay, and fun times. 

Being a brand ambassador helped me earn thousands per year, which helped me pay off debt. 

How I started working as a brand ambassador

I started working as a brand ambassador two years ago while living in NYC. I was working part-time, but things were slowing down and I needed to supplement my income. So what did I do? I looked to Craigslist, of course!

I found a gig that needed brand ambassadors for a Pet Adoption event.  The requirements were that you were friendly, showed up on time and liked pets. Check, check, check!

I applied and got it! I worked my first brand ambassador gig in Central Park greeting people coming to the pet adoption event. It was really easy, so much fun and different from other side hustles I’d done.

It didn’t hurt that I was making $20/hr either! As soon as it was done, I couldn’t believe how easy it was and I was determined to find more gigs.

I’ve come to find out that if you can breathe, and have a personality and can show up on time, you can have a job doing this work. You will be amazed at how many people cannot follow these simple edicts. In turn it makes you look really good just for showing up!

If you’d like more information on becoming a brand ambassador, read on! (Want to skip this post and get to the point? Take my friend Kenny’s brand ambassador course. He’s the real deal.)

What you need to know about being a brand ambassador

Name: Brand Ambassador, Events Specialist, Promotional Staff/Models, BA (short for Brand Ambassador, not Buenos Aires! I was so confused when I first started doing this).

What is a Brand Ambassador: A person that can represent a brand or a product to the public at a specific event. Brand Ambassadors implicitly sell things, but never explicitly. I love that I never have to deal with money and I give away free swag! Recommendation: Only work for brands that you actually like. It will make your job a lot easier and you won’t hate yourself for it.

What do BA’s do: Talk to people, give out swag.  The agency you work for provides you with talking points about the product and/or event.

Some brands I’ve promoted:

Dress Code (99% of the time, you will need one or more of these):

The way it works:

Where to look:

What you will need:

What you should know:

Lastly, this video is probably not funny to people who haven’t done this kind of work, but I find it HILARIOUS. It can give you a glimpse into the Brand Ambassador world.

If you have any other questions about getting started, let me know!

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