October 15, 2013

Hi! I’m Melanie. Pleasure to meet you! I’m a passionate freelance writer, editor, and virtual assistant who loves creating content that makes people think differently. I’m collaborative, communicative, flexible, and get the job done on time, every time. If you are interested in my services, please contact me at deardebt{at}gmail.com with details regarding your project.

melanie1Staff Writing

Wordsmith for hire. I’m a freelance writer who is passionate about playing with words. If you’re looking for fresh content for your blog, business, or website, I’m your girl! I’m also an adept copywriter, so if your content needs a facelift and some extra sparkle, I’m happy to help.

I can write about a variety of topics, so if you’re curious, just ask.

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Blog Tour Organizer

Does your company or brand want to host a blog tour and get your message out, through a group of engaged and dedicated bloggers? I can help organize, manage, and execute a blog tour in the personal finance niche.


At the heart of my work is a personal story about getting out of debt, enjoying life, and taking control of my finances. I can speak to groups of all ages about the importance of personal finance, money mindset, relationships and money, as well as student loan issues. I am passionate about helping others and spreading financial empowerment.

I am also available to work in schools, using interactive theater to teach personal finance.

Social Media/Blog Commenting

Maintaining a blog and a community can be hard work. But it doesn’t have to be! If you want to focus on your content or the big picture of your business, let me manage your social media accounts and/or blog commenting. I read personal finance blogs all day long, and can comment on your behalf to stay engaged with the community. I can also schedule Twitter or Facebook posts and respond on your behalf so you can focus on the big picture, while creating a community that matters.

Twitter Chat

Are you looking to ramp up your social media engagement, but don’t know how? #DumpDebt Twitter chats are a great way to reach people and boost your social presence. My collaborators and I can host a Twitter chat with your brand/business and draw a community of people to engage with your product or service.

Brand Connector

While digital is all the rage, you can’t beat face-to-face interaction. My team can help produce highly engaged, in-person events around your brand. We specialize in creating personal and curated blogger events to help increase brand awareness, social engagement, and create potential partnerships. Our blog audience reach and connections are diverse and engaged, with an emphasis on a Millennial audience. If you’re curious about options, get in touch and we can craft something specific to your needs.


Typos happen, and for some reason, it’s immensely difficult to edit your own work. I can help! I can proofread and edit your work to ensure you are only publishing the highest quality of work.

Side Hustle Coach

I’m a big believer in side hustling! It’s helped me accelerate my debt payments and learn new skills. At any given time, I have 7-10 streams of income, from different side hustles. If you are wondering how to get started and need some guidance, let me help you! I’m passionate about empowering others and can help you land your first side hustle.

Product/Service Review

There is nothing I like more than sharing things I love with the people I love. If you have a product or service you’d like me to review, get in touch. I’m particularly interested in working with brands that I’m passionate about. In addition, I’m interested in partnering with marketing companies on promotional campaigns or advertising. Currently, my post on How to Be a Brand Ambassador is my most viewed post and ranks well in searches.

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